About Us

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Workforce Dimensions LLC helps you improve performance, manage change, and create innovative, flexible and customer-driven work groups that can successfully meet the challenges of today’s dynamic work environment.

Workforce Dimensions began in 1999 as an independent consulting firm and has recently changed to a limited liability company. Based in Columbus, Ohio, we are continually expanding our scope to include a nationwide network of associates noted for their expertise in workforce development.

The collective talents and experience of our associates are available to you whenever people in your organization don’t perform the way they could — or should — or when you need skilled and objective help to improve the way your employees perform their jobs.

Our team is built around fundamental principles that are key to any successful change effort:

  • Quality service to clients – through responsiveness to all your concerns and needs
  • High professional standards – rooted in personal integrity, ethical behavior, and competence
  • Respect for the individual – that organizations must be designed to respect and leverage the many talents of all employees
  • Adaptable systems – that improved performance is directly related to the ability of your entire system to adapt to change
  • Purpose – that people are most effective when they understand the organization’s purpose
  • Diversity – that full understanding comes only through openness to new ideas and respect for people with different backgrounds
  • Collaboration – that greater organizational knowledge and results occur when people are connected to bring about solutions that benefit all
  • Measurable results – that project assignments are most effective when specific, measurable criteria are used to evaluate performance

Our programs and services are designed to improve individual, team, and system-wide results in three critical areas:

  • Staff Training and Development Programs – practical training that is grounded in proven principles and techniques, with a variety of topics  related to WIOA Basics, Strategy Formulation, Improving Performance, Marketing and Customer Service, Employer-Focused programs, Keynote Presentations, and more
  • WIOA Technical Assistance – offering a wide range of services such as Program Evaluation, Policy Research & Development, Mystery Shopping, Organizational Assessments and Surveys, Process Mapping and Service Mapping, Rapid Response Planning, Training Curriculum Design and Evaluation, Event Planning
  • Organization Development and Change Management – helping your entire workforce development system build capacity and become more agile through services like Strategic Planning, Workforce Board Development, Managing Change & Conflict, Teambuilding, Group Process and Meeting Facilitation, Continuous Process Improvement, Quality Service Audit and Planning, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, and more