What Our Clients Say

From a year-long Leadership Development Program

I have sincerely enjoyed the time that I have spent with you this year.  As a result of your knowledge and guidance, I have a much deeper understanding for leadership.  I have learned so much from you and it is difficult to put into words how grateful I have been for your help … I am embarking on a new promotion and chapter in my life and I feel the skills that I have learned through your Strategic Leadership course will guide me in this journey!

Our members are big fans of Russ Brock and Carol Wargo, of Wargo-Brock Workforce Dimensions LLC. They have presented a number of full and half-day workshops for Michigan Works! Association including several customized customer service trainings for Wagner Peyser, WIA, Trade Act, etc. service center staff. Evaluations and feedback have been excellent. They are versed in workforce, education and organizational content and are truly a joy to work with.

From a Quality Service Program

From a Supervisor Training Program

We are now able to do in five days what used to take us seven days.  There is no doubt that the Innovation Management and Teambuilding programs played a major part in this change.

We are now moving toward a more empowered staff. This new perspective has given us renewed vigor. Information and materials were state-of-the-art, accurate and presented in a highly professional manner. Recommendations were so useful that our staff continues to put them into application.

From a 2-year Organization Change Program

From a Statewide Workforce Development Agency

[The facilitator’s] success stems from commitment to customer service, quality, and integrity. Training materials are extremely comprehensive and high quality … easy-to-read yet packed with useful information. Over the years, many participants have remarked that they will continue to use the materials as a resource and reference guide back on the job. Presentations are organized, creative and interesting. Participants feel comfortable immediately; creating an effective learning environment.

  • Very interested in our wants and needs and based class around that.  Overall, great great instructor and I got something out of everything.  Thanks for your help.
  • The exercises are great.  The class participation was very helpful in learning the techniques.
  • Russ is obviously very comfortable with teaching this subject.  Professional, enlightening.
  • I had hopes that Russ could help me improve and he fulfilled my expectations.
  • The takeaway with the tools to use was priceless

From a 2-day Speaking in Public Training Program

From workshop sessions at National Association Conferences

Participant comments from numerous conference workshops for workforce development, organization development and workplace learning professionals.

  • Thanks … I needed that!
  • I especially enjoyed the participation exercises.  The sequence of instruction was good also.
  • Well-prepared presenters.
  • Quite thorough and professional.
  • The more managers follow these principles, the better place work would be.
  • Practical applications I can use …
  • I have been to other, similar programs — this one has more information I will use.
  • The instructors and their programs were great.
  • The content was outstanding.  It covered a wide scope of things that are job related.
  • Good choice of instructors …  well-versed on subjects and got audience participation.
  • Helpful in handling common problems in everyday situations.
  • Instructors were very effective … Format of presentations was varied enough to maintain interest.
  • Program well-coordinated, subject material well-organized and useful.
  • Good instructors and ideas.  What I have learned will help me personally and professionally.
  • This program was excellent from beginning to end.
  • You don’t realize how much you need it until you attend a seminar such as this.