Outline – Career Coach Youth

Suggested Length: One Day

Career Coaching Skills for Helping Youth

1. Module 1 – Trends in the workplace

  • Trends in the employment landscape
  • Why career planning skills are more critical than ever for students
  • The need for students to take greater responsibility for their own careers
  • The impact of social media and Web 2.0 technologies on career planning
  • Me, Inc. – creating a “brand” that makes students more employable
  • Building a competency portfolio to match employer needs
  • How employers are responding to trends and influencing career options
  • The rise of certification and credentialing
  • The new basics expected by employers
  • Workplace learning and performance – a lifelong process

2. Module 2 – Stepping away from the trees to see the employer forest

  • Career counseling for youth: what worked before isn’t working today
  • Keeping pace with the changing demands of career counseling for youth
  • How education professionals can play a more active role
  • The role of the educator in the career planning process
  • A competency model for today’s career counselors for youth
  • Establishing a network of career coaches and mentors to help students
  • Establishing stronger links between educators and employers in your community

3. Module 3 – Developing a strategic view for meeting the needs and expectations of employers

  • Surveying your school system’s strengths and successes in career development
  • Identifying opportunities in the area’s workplace environment to build new competence in career development services
  • Creating a strategic vision of what the school system can do in career development
  • Developing options and actions for the school system
  • Determining key criteria for measuring the school system’s effectiveness in career development

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