Outline – From Case Management to Career Coach

Suggested Length: Two Days

From Case Management to Career Coach

Part 1 – Case Manager – The past … the present …

  • Career Coach … The future?
  • Trend #1 – Trends in the employment landscape
  • Trend #2 – Trends in career development and job search
  • Trends for the Now, the New and the Next in Careers
  • Trend #3 – How technology has changed career development
  • Trend #4 – Response of the workforce development system

Part 2 – A Business Services approach to workforce development

  • Lean but not mean … developing customer-satisfying ways to improve quality
  • Trend #5 – Greater responsibility on the individual for own career
  • Developing an asset-based approach to encourage and engage customers

Part 3 – Transitioning to a role of Career Coach

  • What is a Career Coach?
  • Coach, Counselor, Mentor, Facilitator, Trainer, SME – Which one am I?
  • Building a Theoretical and Ethical Framework for Career Coaching
  • Building a Competency Model for a Career Coach
  • The Coaching Process

Part 4 – Building your essential Career Coaching skills

  • Pre-Planning and Preparation Stage
  • The Coach-Customer Entry Stage
  • Facilitating the first meeting
  • Helping customers move beyond career development blockages
  • The Action Stage
  • The Evaluation Stage

Part 5 – Additional Resources

  • Common Terms Used in the Career Coaching Process
  • Career Providers – a comparison chart
  • Managing performance excellence is rooted in behavioral terms
  • Assessing the Customer’s career planning competence
  • Self-Motivated and Self-Directed Learning
  • Assessing your performance when coaching a Customer
  • Customer’s self-reporting scale from the coaching relationship
  • Books, Printed Publications
  • Self-Assessment – Am I a Career Coaching Pro?

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