Outline – Change

Suggested Length:   Two Days

Team Skills for Adapting to Change

Characteristics of today’s rapid change work environments

  • How to make sense out of chaotic surroundings
  • Identifying the environmental factors that lead to change
  • Companies that excel at managing change and how they do it
  • Assessing your effectiveness at responding to change
  • Overcoming inertia and the inability to change as rapidly as your environment
  • Key elements of the change process

The role of the leader in facilitating organizational change

  • Creating a vision of what the desired change should be
  • Thinking strategically about change
  • Helping stakeholders work together towards change
  • The important role of communication when leading a change effort

Managing organizational change efforts

  •  Spotting signs of change before they become unmanageable
  • Analyzing your organization’s culture for responding to change
  • Defining the roles of key players: champions, sponsors, agents and targets
  • Strategies for improving your organization’s ability to adapt
  • Developing an implementation plan for change across the entire organization
  • How to deal effectively with resistance to change
  • Skills needed to sustain a change effort
  • Accelerating the change cycle
  • New approaches to change: appreciative inquiry, real-time change, world cafe

Managing change in your work group

  • 7 principles for successfully navigating your team through whitewater change
  • Use a simple diagnostic tool to identify team blockages to change
  • Criteria for selecting the best approach to implementing team change
  • Steps to creating a more agile work group
  • Developing team skills to handle a more challenging pace of change
  • Getting other team members to buy into your change efforts

Increasing your personal ability to manage change

  • Recognizing the six phases you experience during every change situation
  • Personal characteristics that interfere with your ability to manage
  • Making the transition from a win-lose to a win-win approach to change
  • Leveraging small victories to achieve overall success
  • Techniques to increase your mastery of responding to change skillfully
  • In any change situation, you always have choices
  • Developing an action plan for implementing a change effort

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