Outline – Creative Thinking Skills

Suggested Length:  One Day

Developing Your Creative Thinking Skills

Join our intensive “think tank” session where you’ll

  • Learn creative ways to deal with team issues
  • Release creative talents now overlooked in your team
  • Develop new and effective patterns of thinking
  • Practice new techniques for solving complex problems

You begin this fascinating Learning Lab by discovering how to develop the creative talents you have … including the talents you’ve probably ignored in the past but which could help you in your job.

Then, you’ll immerse yourself in a powerful “roll-up-your-sleeves” clinic where you learn to approach your job – and your personal life – in a more positive, creative way.

Today’s critical need for thinking creatively

  • The key role creativity plays in solving problems
  • Things they never taught you in school.
  • Creativity killers we find all around us
  • What research says about creative talents
  • Can an entire organization be creative?

Developing your natural creative talents

  • Why didn’t I think of that?
  • The burden of outdated and incorrect assumptions
  • How to discover and guide your natural creative talents
  • Competencies that enable greater creativity
  • Applying the “What if” principle
  • Identifying and stopping negative thinking patterns that hold you back

The creative process

  • Beyond the obvious – the knack for looking at things differently
  • How to get the light bulb to turn on
  • Breaking out of your mental grooves
  • Start your day with these brain stretchers
  • Curiosity – the starting point for creative thinking
  • Identifying work-related opportunities for your creativity
  • Framing the creative problem and bringing it into focus
  • Developing fluency and flexibility in generating new ideas
  • Beyond brainstorming: techniques for developing your creative ideas and talents
  • Are you ready to take the risk of your idea?
  • When to work hard … and when to play … with a new idea
  • Stepping away from your creative idea for greater insight
  • How persistence is often the difference between success and failure
  • Nurturing your idea to success

Taking action on your idea: from imagination … to innovation … to implementation

  • Creativity and it’s role in innovation
  • The challenge of keeping a good idea alive
  • What to do when others resist your creative ideas
  • Expanding your ability to develop breakthrough ideas
  • Applying critical thinking to evaluate your creative ideas

Building organizational support for your creative idea

  • How organizational culture and management style affect creativity
  • Moving from imagination and aspiration to innovation and implementation
  • Key factors in nurturing your creative idea to successful implementation

Take away: Get started on developing a work-related idea using our Creative Thinking Toolkit and Action Plan, complete with workshop exercises, helpful hints, worksheets and more.

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