Outline – Marketing Outreach

Suggested Length: Two Days

Creative Marketing and Outreach Approaches

The Role of Marketing in the Workforce Development Organization

  • The Marketing Concept: A customer-driven approach.
  • What you should know about your E & T customers.
  • Why marketing adds value to your products and services.
  • What are you doing of value and what is it worth to your market?
  • Segmenting and positioning in a competitive environment.

Factors Involved in Successful Marketing

  • Putting your Marketing Mix together.
  • Product features, advantages and benefits.
  • Where are you in your product life cycle?
  • Why price and value are different.
  • Pricing strategies.
  • How to effectively get your product or service to your market.
  • Managing the five elements of promotion to your advantage.

How to Plan and Develop a Successful Marketing Program

  • Should Marketing be done by your own staff or by outside agencies?
  • The first step in planning is the most important one.
  • Steps for preparing your own Marketing Plan.
  • How to find and use market research information.
  • Discover how good your organization is with a Market Audit.
  • Setting appropriate marketing objectives.
  • What to include in your advertising and promotional plan.
  • Can you get large-dollar results with low-dollar budgets.
  • Putting your market offer together.

Managing the Personal Selling Function

  • Ways in which Job Developers are salespeople.
  • The salesperson as a customer-driven problem solver.
  • How to manage the sales portions of your job.
  • Using sales letters and telemarketing to increase your sales effectiveness.
  • Building your network through internet connections and social media.

Can Madison Avenue Ever Find True Happiness With Your Workforce Board?

  • Advantages and disadvantages of advertising.
  • What role should advertising play in your marketing plan?
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your advertising.
  • Comparing advertising media: Newspaper, Periodical, TV, Radio, Direct Mail, Outdoor, Specialty, Yellow Pages, Other.
  • Making best use of internet marketing and social media.

Develop a Complete Promotional Program for Your Workforce Board

  • Preparing promotional objectives.
  • Promotional calendar: Don’t leave home without one.
  • How to use all the elements of promotion: Public Relations, Publicity, Special Promotions and Events, Public Service Announcements, Co-ops.
  • Integrating social media into your promotional plans.

How to Evaluate Your Marketing Efforts

  • Steps to creating your own database.
  • You don’t need big computers to measure your success.
  • The never-ending battle between Control and Test.
  • Techniques for tracking and measuring results.
  • Front-end vs. Back-end analysis: You can pay me now … or pay me later.

Where’s the Beef in Your Advertising?

  • Just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it sells!
  • How to sharpen your creative skills: idea, concept, theme, copy platform, art, layout, format.
  • Samples of Workforce Agency marketing.

Individual Assignments:

  • Create a promotional Calendar and one advertisement or brochure for your Workforce Board

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