Outline – Public Speaking and Presentations

Suggested Length: Two Days

Speaking and Presenting in Public


Introduction  •  Creating a Competency Model for Speaking in Public  •  Toastmasters Table Topics

Module 1:  About This Anxiety Thing

Lions, and tigers, and speeches!  Oh, my!  •  Understanding the roots of your anxiety  •  Quick Anxiety Temperature Reading #1  •  Transitioning from an Anxious to a Confident State of Mind  •  Centering:  Welcome to My Mat  •  Quick Anxiety Temperature Reading #2  •  Developing a Positive Mental Model  •  Additional Methods for Relieving Anxieties About Speaking to a Group

Module 2:  Planning

Types of Speeches  •  Determining the Purpose of Your Presentation  •  Selecting Your Topic  •  Researching Your Audience  •  Researching Your Subject  •  Planning Your Work

Module 3:  Organizing

Benefits of Organizing Your Presentation  •  Methods of Organizing Your Presentation  •  Outlining Your Presentation  •  Practice Outlining Exercise

Module 4:  Developing

Words – Your Building Blocks for Developing Your Presentation  •  From Formal to Jargon to Slang  •  Nine Key Elements of Speech Development  •  The Power of Stories  •  Transitions  •  Additional Tips When Developing Your Presentation  •  Using Persuasion In a Presentation  •  Adding Humor to Your Presentation  •  Using the Principles of Improvisation

Module 5:  Delivering Your Presentation

Developing Your Speaking Voice  •  Voice Characteristics  •  On the Speaker’s Platform  •  Using Typed Scripts and Written Notes  •  Rehearse Your Presentation  •  Put Some Dazzle in Your Presentation  •  Opening and Closing Your Presentation

Module 6:  Conducting a Question and Answer Session

Before the Question and Answer Session  •  Responding to Questions  •  And Then There Was This One Person In the Audience Who …  •  The Seven Magic Words for Answering All Tough Questions Successfully

Module 7:  Facilitating group discussions

Role of the Facilitator  •  Helping Other Adults Learn  •  Using Open-end and Process Questions  •  Observing Group Processes  •  Things You Might Say as a Facilitator  •  Evaluating Your Performance

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