Outline – Quality Service

Suggested Length: Two Days

Managing Quality Service Throughout Your Organization

This workshop focuses on strengthening your organization’s systems, processes, structure, and procedures that will continuously provide quality service to customers, stakeholders, and public.

Quality Service – An approach to the way you do business with others

  • Characteristics of effective service
  • Why do we make customer service so difficult?
  • Ten ways your organization benefits from quality client service
  • Eight key factors of quality service you should have
  • How quality service fits the marketing concept
  • Are your customers evangelists or detractors for you?
  • How to determine the financial worth of a loyal customer
  • The winners: companies noted for their service and what you can learn from them

Building an effective first line of contact with your clients

  • Where your service quality shows – your total service package
  • Identifying who your “clients” are and what they expect from you
  • Mystery shopper 101: What would you see as a customer?
  • The norm: what we typically observe
  • Attributes of stellar customer service – what the very best do
  • Do’s and Don’ts for providing quality service throughout your organization

Mastering the elements of total quality service

  • Identifying your best practices
  • Managing the tone of your service
  • Using a process map to identify service strengths and weaknesses
  • Key factors in aligning your customer service process
  • How to ensure you deliver what you promise
  • Why a collaborative team approach is crucial to total quality service

Improving your personal effectiveness in quality service

  • Key quality service points to remember as a representative of your organization
  • Understanding your client’s self-esteem needs
  • How your role adds value to the quality of service given to customers
  • Techniques for supporting improved interpersonal relations with clients
  • Dealing with the difficult and upset client
  • Using effective questioning and listening techniques to understand your client’s problem
  • Creating a checklist for troubleshooting customer service problems
  • Finding solutions that leave customers with a positive experience

Establishing organizational support

  • Forces that drive your service quality
  • Can you really stand out from the crowd?
  • Developing a service-oriented strategy and position unique to your organization
  • Key ingredients for building a strong brand identity and customer loyalty
  • Changing a poor image to good … a good image to best
  • Brainstorming ideas for improved client service
  • Techniques to respond more effectively to client dissatisfaction
  • Empowering employees to solve problems with their own initiative
  • Developing a team approach to quality improvement
  • Key indicators used to measure your effectiveness at quality service
  • How to gather information about service quality from your clients and your competitors

Take away: Your Action Plan for improving service

  • Provides a framework for improving both individual and organization factors of quality service
  • Sets specific goals and measurable indicators to evaluate your progress
  • Develops specific strategies you can use to reposition your products and services with added value to your clients

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